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  • DotNetNuke 3.1.0 initial setup

    My own experience of setting up DotNetNuke (DNN) 3.1.0. Hopefully somebody will find it useful. 1. Installed a standard Windows 2003 server. Through Manage Your Server wizard, chose custom and installed as an Application Server (IIS and ASP.NET). FrontPage extension and ASP.NET were installed. Install media was required during IIS install; 2. Downloaded DNN 3.1.0. […]

  • My WordPress backup and restore process

    As I am writing and publishing more and more blog entries, it becomes important that I have good and reliable backups. I know that if something happens and I cannot recover my entries and comments, I would be terribly upset. So I want to share my process here. Please feel free to share your backup […]

  • Tunneling http traffic through ssh

    James Strassburg gave a great tutorial on tunneling http(s) traffic through ssh with your Linksys WRT-54GL router. Actually, if you have a server that you can ssh to that has web access, like your web host, you can tunnel all your http(s) traffic through that server from your Windows workstation. It is pretty simple to […]

  • 64-bit, virturalization, and their impact

    VMWare recently released a freeware called VMWare Player that can play a pre-built virtual machine file. A virtual machine is an OS bundled with whatever the virtual machine creator put there. This is perfect for people to test-drive various operating systems and software, without going through the hassle of installing themselves. VMWare currently provides virtual […]

  • Pointers on WordPress customization please

    I’ve had my blog for a couple of weeks by now. It was hosted by MidPhase. I used it because it had good reviews and a colleague recommended it. Based on my experience so far, I am not too happy with it. I will leave that for another post. Anyway, I am actually pretty happy […]