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  • Vimperator: make your Firefox behaves like VI/VIM

    I stumbled into this Firefox gem today: Vimperator. It makes your Firefox behaves like the venerable VI/VIM editor. Warning: if you are not a VI/VIM guy, don’t even try this. It will cause you grief. For VI/VIM aficionados like me, this is almost like the best thing since sliced bread, or, VI. A couple of […]

  • Disable simple file sharing in Windows XP

    Simple file sharing means that when you go to a property page of a folder, you will not see the Security and Sharing tabs. This is the default for Windows XP if the machine is not part of a domain. This can be problematic, because you cannot add specific users and groups to access a […]

  • Give role authority to upload image files in DNN

    I talked about roles and permissions in DotNetNuke (DNN) in this post. Sometimes you want to grant a role authority so users with that role can upload image files for their documents. Here is how you do it: 1. From the Admin menu, usually at the far right of the horizontal menu bar, pick File […]

  • Great Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts

    Update: Flickr changed its interface, so the scripts in step 2 and 3 no longer work. I will update this as I get more information. If you have Flickr account and use Firefox, I found 2 Greasemonkey scripts that are very helpful. They make photo editing so much more easier. They are both focused on […]

  • Notes on DNN (DotNetNuke) Roles and Permissions

    1. From Admin menu, the right-most menu item before the search box, pick “Security Roles”; 2. You will see all the roles here. Click the pencil icon next to each role to edit it; 3. To create a new role, click on Security Roles downward triangle icon, which is next to the lock icon, and […]