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  • Getting rid of “Welcome to Internet Explorer 8” screen

    The lack of Vimperator function in Chrome, which exists in Firefox, prevents me from totally switching to it. Because I work in different environments in terms of different clients and operating systems, I have to use Internet Explorer sometimes. And I found the “Welcome to Internet Explorer 8” screen upon IE starting, if you have […]

  • AWS Management Console is nice

    If you want to play with Amazon cloud computing stuff, I think using AWS Management Console web interface is the best, easiest, and most intuitive approach, based on my experience so far. My usage with Amazon Web Services has been only with EC2 up to this point. Prior to AWS Management Console, I had to […]

  • WordPress 2.8, a step back

    Update below Reports in blogsphere about some WordPress blogs being hacked got me alarmed. So I decided to upgrade mine from whatever version it was at (2.3, perhaps, whatever the current version was a year ago) to 2.8, the latest, but certainly not the greatest. The upgrade process wasn’t hard, just a bit tedious. After […]

  • WordPress sidebar sinking to the bottom issue in IE fixed

    As I mentioned here, I’ve noticed recently that when viewing my site, a WordPress blogging page, in Internet Explorer (I tried IE 6), the sidebar actually appears at the bottom of the page. That was really annoying, because the main reason I redesigned the sidebar was to help people navigate: it has category, archive, blog […]

  • Consolidating Twitter feeds with Yahoo Pipes

    I have been suffering from web addiction for a long time. So when Twitter first came out, I figured that would be the last thing I need. Plus, to really take advantage of Twitter, you’ve got to have a relatively fancy phone with a data plan. A decent phone costs anywhere between 150 and 400 […]