Getting rid of “Welcome to Internet Explorer 8” screen

The lack of Vimperator function in Chrome, which exists in Firefox, prevents me from totally switching to it. Because I work in different environments in terms of different clients and operating systems, I have to use Internet Explorer sometimes.

And I found the “Welcome to Internet Explorer 8” screen upon IE starting, if you have not followed Microsoft command to configure IE the first time you started, terribly irratitating. It has message like this in the window: “Internet Explorer 8 helps you use the Internet even faster than before. New features like search suggestions retrieve blah blah…”. Would you please respect the end user’s intelligence, get out of the way and leave him/her alone in peace, quite, and solitude? Sure, one can follow the wizard and set things up, but it feels like being violated. The ability to customize things is good, but not under your dictation.

Behold, there is a way! Come and follow my way, dear reader, for it leads to enlightenment and eternal happiness:

1. Start -> Run
2. gpedit.msc
3. Navigate to User Configuration -> Administrative Template -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Prevent performance of First Run Customize settings
4. Double click, then set it as Disabled.

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2 responses to “Getting rid of “Welcome to Internet Explorer 8” screen”

  1. Thanks to you I was able to get rid of this annoying popup screen.
    thanks again.

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