Vimperator: make your Firefox behaves like VI/VIM

I stumbled into this Firefox gem today: Vimperator. It makes your Firefox behaves like the venerable VI/VIM editor. Warning: if you are not a VI/VIM guy, don’t even try this. It will cause you grief. For VI/VIM aficionados like me, this is almost like the best thing since sliced bread, or, VI.

A couple of things that are important:

1. I (uppercase letter i, not yours truly, pun intended) will disable VIM commands. This is good for site such as GMail where it has its own keyboard binding with JavaScript, I presume. Or the text box where you need to do some editing.

2. o or t can be used to open a URL. If you just type in a word or words, it will present you with a search results based on those word(s) by your default search engine.

For friends who are interested: I am doing well. I have opened up my own company, currently doing consulting/training gigs on Sql Server, Oracle, MySQL and such. I expect to return to blogging, hopefully soon. Vimperator got me excited so I decided to give it a little plug and say hi to all my readers.


2 responses to “Vimperator: make your Firefox behaves like VI/VIM”

  1. no…


    too cool, man – if only IE would add this functionality…

    how many times I have caught myself typing jjjjjjj in IE.


  2. Thanks Chuck.

    I still need to remember to turn off Vimperator keyboard binding in GMail. Overall I have been happy with Vimperator so far.

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