Notes on DNN (DotNetNuke) Roles and Permissions

1. From Admin menu, the right-most menu item before the search box, pick “Security Roles”;
2. You will see all the roles here. Click the pencil icon next to each role to edit it;
3. To create a new role, click on Security Roles downward triangle icon, which is next to the lock icon, and pick “Add New Role”;
4. For my purpose, I left “Public Role?” and “Auto Assignment?” unchecked. I also left Advanced Settings alone, where Billing Period, Service Fee, Trial Fee, and such are located. I honestly could not envision myself using any of them. Your mileage may vary;
5. To grant permissions to this role, browse to any page or module, then pick “Settings” after hovering you mouse over the downward triangle. You can grant permissions of this page / module to a role by un/checking boxes in the Permissions section within Basic Settings;
6. To grant a role to a user, go to Admin >> User Accounts. Edit the user you want to grant the role to, and click “Manage Roles for this User”. From there, you can check and roles for this user.

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