Tunneling http traffic through ssh

James Strassburg gave a great tutorial on tunneling http(s) traffic through ssh with your Linksys WRT-54GL router.

Actually, if you have a server that you can ssh to that has web access, like your web host, you can tunnel all your http(s) traffic through that server from your Windows workstation. It is pretty simple to do:
1. Ignore James’ discussion on how to setup Linksys, unless that is what you want;
2. Download PuTTY client for Windows. PuTTY is a stand-alone Win32 executable. As such, it has no registry change, separate directory creation, and all other garbage associated with a typical Windows application. Get PuTTY.exe and it just works;
3. Follow the rest of James’ instruction on creating a SOCKS proxy (here entering the IP address of your web host), changing your connection setting in Firefox. And you are all set.

I found this to be extremely valuable. Thanks a lot James.

PS. I normally don’t look at calendars at home. But today I happened to look at our Swedish calendar, and noticed tomorrow, 2006/03/15 is the name day for Kristoffer. So happy name day to my Swedish friend Christoffer Hedgate. Somehow picture of tranorna kommer till Hornborgasjön, Västergötland on the calendar caught my attention.

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  1. 😀

    Thanks Haidong. Apart from a friend whose name is also Christoffer, you are the only one yet to mention it. 🙂

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