Category: Linux

  • Web front for my code

    Awhile ago I set up my own git server. I’ve been hacking happily using that and Eclipse. In my spare time, I’ve been taking UCSD’s wonderful algorithm course: Algorithmic Design and Techniques. The course provides plenty of programming challenges! I chose the paid version so my code can be evaluated against all tests in the […]

  • Automatically mount USB 3 attached to my wifi router

    As discussed here, I have Seagate Ultra Slim USB 3 attached to my wifi router as a NAS (Network-attached storage). It provides a good backup/sharing storage for my home network that’s accessible from all my home computing devices, which was nice. Accessing it from Windows is easy to set up, all I needed to do […]

  • fail2ban installation and configuration notes

    A couple of days ago one web site I volunteer to manage was under DDOS attack. I installed and configured fail2ban to protect us from future similar attacks. Here are some notes. The server is the RedHat/Fedora/CentOS variety, as you can tell from commands listed below. Please translate them to your distro’s corresponding commands as […]

  • More Manjaro config: Chinese input and clock setting

    I’m enjoying running Manjaro Arch Linux on my workstation so far. Some additional notes below. 1. I had trouble getting Fcitx Chinese input working, so I used IBus instead. Here is what I installed using Manjaro’s package GUI tool: IBus Preferences and ibus-pinyin; 2. IBus Pinyin works fine on this system except for Emacs. Using […]

  • Manjaro Linux usage notes

    I’ve been using Linux Mint Cinnamon for many years. For the most part, I love it. It’s based on Ubuntu, very similar to Debian, therefore there are plenty of resources available online. But its GUI bothers me a bit occasionally. Let me give a few examples here: The Eclipse IDE’s tooltip sometimes shows up in […]