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  • Use USB Flash Drive on Linux

    In Linux, any disk drive has to be mounted first before you can use it. That actually is true for Windows also. But Windows shields a lot of that away from a regular user. Unlike Windows, there is no A: or D: drives for you to go directly in Linux, although I’ve heard that some […]

  • Problem: Fedora Core 2 as Virtual PC on Windows

    Today I tried to install Linux as a guest OS on Windows Virtual PC. I got Fedora Core 2 late last year during a training. So that is what I tried. I picked “Other” OS and created a new virtual disk. Installation started and I picked Graphic mode installation. The Anaconda hardware probing processing started. […]

  • Find out uptime of server and MySql database

    This site had been unstable for the last couple of weeks, due to my hosting company’s issues with servers. My Apache and MySql database have both been moved to a different server. Hopefully things will be stable from now on. During the troubleshooting time, I used a few commands to find out the uptime of […]

  • wget and lynx

    Linux and Unix gurus can ignore this post, but if you have better tips to share, please feel free to comment. I write this mainly as a note to myself and hopefully help out Linux / Unix newbies at the same time. wget is perfect for downloading stuff through a command line. This is a […]

  • Mutt questions

    Originally posted at’s blog site: I am working on my own website, It is Apache on Linux, ran by a hosting company. I got access to SSH, MySql, and most of Linux utilities. I am planning to use WordPress and host a blog there too. That will be my primary blogging site, including my […]