wget and lynx

Linux and Unix gurus can ignore this post, but if you have better tips to share, please feel free to comment. I write this mainly as a note to myself and hopefully help out Linux / Unix newbies at the same time.

wget is perfect for downloading stuff through a command line. This is a great tool if your only access to the server is SSH. You can append & at the end of shell command line so the download happens in the background. You can do other productive work while download is ongoing.

lynx is a text based web browser. Don’t laugh, I found it pretty handy for some quick and dirty browsing and Yahoo mail checking. Unfortunately, it does not work with gmail.

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  1. wget is a great utility. On my FreeBSD system, fetch comes pre-installed, so I’ve started to use it pretty frequently, although wget is just a quick install away.

    Another good one to look into, if you only have SSH access, is scp. It transfers files over an SSH connection, something like this:

    scp somefile.txt username@server:somefile.txt

  2. Thanks for sharing Chris.

    *nix is definitely a developer’s OS. There is so much little utilities that you can use and automate things with a varieties of tools. I am learning more every day.

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