Category: Oracle

  • Analyzing low performance SQL code

    As an independent consultant and trainer , I found myself doing a lot of existing code analysis and enhancement, mostly for stored procedures and ad-hoc SQL statements. I suspect a lot of people do the same thing as well, so I am really interested in learning how you do it. That’s the main purpose of […]

  • Migrating from one RDBMS to another

    Here is some of my thoughts on migrating MySQL to Sql Server. It came out of an email discussion. I’d love to hear your thoughts on migrating to a different database platform, not just MySQL to Sql Server. I actually thought about writing a white paper or even a course on migrating from MySQL to […]

  • Oracle 10g Express Install Part 2

    After my last failed Oracle 10g Express install due to insufficient memory, I purchased some memory from eBay, and started it over. This time, the first thing the installer noticed was that the swap file is not big enough. I fixed that by doing a total re-install of Fedora Core 2. Yeah, I know that […]

  • Problems with Oracle Migration Workbench

    Database vendors like to bash each other, sponsoring dubious “objective industry studies” to “prove” they are better than others. All of them do it. In my opinion, Oracle is particularly bad in this regard, compared against IBM DB2 or Microsoft Sql Server. Talking about “unbreakable Oracle” and software full of bugs, and in many cases […]

  • Failed Oracle 10g R2 Express Linux Installation Notes

    My first ever computer, the 10-year old HP Pavilion 4455 desktop, purchased after I finished my master degree in Economics, has seen very limited action in the last few years. My better half had suggested that I donate it away, since we really don’t have enough space to put it, but I refused, because I […]