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  • 64-bit, virturalization, and their impact

    VMWare recently released a freeware called VMWare Player that can play a pre-built virtual machine file. A virtual machine is an OS bundled with whatever the virtual machine creator put there. This is perfect for people to test-drive various operating systems and software, without going through the hassle of installing themselves. VMWare currently provides virtual […]

  • Generate Oracle objects DDL using dbms_metadata.get_ddl

    Since Oracle 9i, Oracle added a new utility called dbms_metadata.get_ddl. This utility provides you with object DDL generated out of Oracle Data Dictionary. It is extremely handy and useful. For example, you can use: set long 500000 select dbms_metadata.get_ddl(‘TABLESPACE’,’TablespaceName’) from dual; to get a particular tablespace’s DDL. You can also use it for users, role, […]

  • Customize Oracle sqlplus editor

    In Oracle sqlplus, if you type ed or edit at the command prompt, sqlplus will put the last command into an editor buffer for easy editing. In Windows, the default editor is Notepad. In Unix / Linux, the default editor is usually vi. I have changed the default sqlplus editor on my Windows machine to […]