Category: MySQL

  • Moving a LAMP site

    I’ve done this in the past, but thought this time I’ve got to take notes. It can be used as a crude check list in the future. Don’t underestimate the power of a practical, down-to-earth check list! Perhaps documents like this should be kept in a wiki page, for easy updating to avoid being stale, […]

  • Packages needed for building MySQL/MariaDb/Percona

    From a stock/standard/typical/desktop install of Linux, it seems these are required in order to build MySQL/MariaDb/Percona forks: gcc gcc-c++ automake libtool bison ncurses (Thanks Justin!) Do apt-get, yum, rpm, emerge, or whatever to get them before doing configure, make and such. I am missing one, and I think it has “curse” or something like that […]

  • Following High Performance MySQL’s hash index discussion

    Mixing up some MySQL and SQL Server hacking activities can be fun. I’ve also noticed that when you work with different database platforms, it can bring additional clarity to certain concepts and techniques. One reason for that, I think, is that different terminologies and ways of explanations are used for people practicing on different platforms, […]

  • Testing Windows IO with SQLIO and SysBench

    To benchmark IO on Linux and MySQL transaction processing, SysBench is a popular choice that can do both. After poking around at the source code, it seems PostgreSQL and Oracle are also included for transaction processing testing if you have the proper header files, but I didn’t test those. To benchmark IO on Windows and […]

  • Having fun with MySQL and Python: converting MySQL character set to utf8

    Lately I worked quite a bit with Python and Linux, writing monitoring and automation utilities. I am in a transition period, so I thought I ought to write some Python stuff interfacing with MySQL for fun, and start positioning myself for expanded career horizon, I hope. To get started, I thought it would be fun […]