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  • Install MySQLdb module for Python

    Update: Commenter MarkR made a great point: if possible, use some packaging tools, to try to maintain proper dependencies, to the extent that is possible. Install from the source should be Plan B. So, try yum install MySQL-python first. This is mostly for my own future reference. It’ll be icing on the cake if it […]

  • SELinux and “failed to map segment from shared object” error

    I am reading and following examples in MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development. After compiling and moving a .so file (think DLL or Assembly file in Windows) into MySQL plugin directory, I got this message when I tried to create a UDF (User Defined Function): [sourcecode language=”text”] mysql> create function udf_staticexample returns integer soname ‘’; ERROR 1126 […]

  • Data generation with TPC-H’s dbgen for load testing

    2011-06-26 update: I am not sure if there are any changes in the latest make and gcc packages. Anyway, I noticed when run make, I encountered the message below: make: g: Command not found make: [qgen] Error 127 (ignored) To fix this, find where gcc is at, then created a symbolic link g that points […]

  • Seeking input on updating sample my.cnf files

    The sample my-small.cnf, my-medium.cnf, my-large.cnf, my-huge.cnf, and my-innodb-heavy-4G.cnf files from MariaDB and Percona (I didn’t bother checking Oracle’s distro) were from the dinosaur age, with comment like this for my-huge.cnf: This is for a large system with memory of 1G-2G where the system runs mainly MySQL. So I suggested some updating is needed on IRC […]

  • SSDs and their impact on database servers

    Vadim Tkachenko published interesting benchmark results with PCI-E based SSDs here. I recently got a chance to benchmark FusionIO’s 320 GB PCI-E drive. It was really impressive. My results, done on Windows with sqlio, are consistent (not identical, of course, but in the same ballpark) with what Vadim reported in that blog post, done with […]