Category: MySQL

  • Installing Perl DBI and DBD-mysql on Windows 64 bit

    I had trouble getting Perl DBI and DBD-mysql on Windows in the past. In addition, on Windows 64-bit, you sometimes see recommendations of using 32-bit Perl. Today I got to test the latest 64-bit ActiveState Perl distro for Windows, version I tested it on Windows 2008 R2 64-bit. I am happy to report that […]

  • Finding long running INNODB transactions

    Notes: 1. The script prints out elapsed time since transaction started, MySQL thread id, and the kill statement for transactions running longer than a defined threshold value, in seconds. Just copy, paster, and then execute the kill statement if you want to terminate the long transaction(s); 2. Adjust shellCmd variable; 3. Adjust longRunningThreshold value as […]

  • Some notes and observations on ICE storage engine

    I’ve used Vertica, a commercial column-based database storage engine, and was reasonably impressed. During O’Reilly MySQL conference last month, I checked out Infobright’s vendor booth and talked with some users. I became curious and wanted to test it out. Infobright has a free community version (ICE Infobright Community Edition)of its column-based storage engine that works […]

  • Setting up replication with XtraBackup

    I attended Vadim Tkachenko’s talk on XtraBackup during MySQL conference in Santa Clara last week. Backups are obviously very important, but the use case I had in mind is this: Replicating a database that has Innodb tables in it, while keeping both master and slave on line if possible. Tangent: by the way, I love […]

  • Poor man’s MySQL replication monitoring

    Using MySQL replication slave(s) for reporting (with potentially different storage engines) is a very popular way of scaling database read activities. As usual, you want to be on top of things when replication breaks so end users can be notified and issues addressed. When Nagios, Zabbix, or whatever monitoring tools are not available or otherwise […]