Category: MySQL

  • AWS Management Console is nice

    If you want to play with Amazon cloud computing stuff, I think using AWS Management Console web interface is the best, easiest, and most intuitive approach, based on my experience so far. My usage with Amazon Web Services has been only with EC2 up to this point. Prior to AWS Management Console, I had to […]

  • SQL code for SQL and Relational Theory

    I am reading SQL and Relational Theory by C. J. Date. Baron Schwartz wrote a nice review for it. I am reading the online version, about half way through, so am not sure if it has an accompanying CD with source code. In any case, if you want to play with some SQL code listed […]

  • Calling MySQL fans in the near west suburb of Chicago

    I’ve been to the Chicago MySQL meetups a few times at Uncommon Ground near Wriggly Field. Honestly I don’t think I gained much out of it. The few times I was there, the group was small, which is not necessarily bad. (In fact, a small group can even be a good thing.) But the thing […]

  • ActiveState Perl 5.10, Windows XP, and DBD-mysql

    A few months ago I installed ActivePerl 5.10 on a Windows XP Pro workstation. Next I tried to install DBD::mysql using CPAN, it failed. When I browsed modules via ppm, a GUI in this version of ActiveState Perl on Windows, DBD::mysql was not listed as an available module. I then downloaded the source code, manually […]

  • Moving data from Sql Server to MySQL

    To move data from Sql Server to MySQL, it is certainly possible to use tools that can make connections to both data stores and manipulate data that way, such as Access, Excel, or SSIS. Here I will introduce a process that does not need any special tools or data drivers. Instead, we can use the […]