Packages needed for building MySQL/MariaDb/Percona

From a stock/standard/typical/desktop install of Linux, it seems these are required in order to build MySQL/MariaDb/Percona forks:

ncurses (Thanks Justin!)

Do apt-get, yum, rpm, emerge, or whatever to get them before doing configure, make and such. I am missing one, and I think it has “curse” or something like that in its name. Will update this post when I find that out.

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4 responses to “Packages needed for building MySQL/MariaDb/Percona”

  1. On Debian and its derivates you can simply do

    apt-get build-dep mysql-server

    as all of the forks you mentioned have the same dependencies.

    On RedHat derivates the equivalent would be

    yum-builddep mysql-server

  2. Thanks for that hartmut. I will try yum-builddep mysql-server soon enough the next time I fire up a VM.

  3. ncurses 🙂 it is a library used by the mysql monitor.

    it requires a few other things you probably had installed, such as zlib, gnu readline (or editline as substandard alternative), SSL libraries (if you want SSL support), make (of course), etc..

    On a CentOS/RedHat box I usually just do:
    yum groupinstall “Development Tools”

    That pulls in a lot of extra stuff, but I use most of it.

  4. You are correct, Justin! Thanks. I have updated the entry to reflect such.

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