Category: DatabaseInteroperability

  • SQL code for SQL and Relational Theory

    I am reading SQL and Relational Theory by C. J. Date. Baron Schwartz wrote a nice review for it. I am reading the online version, about half way through, so am not sure if it has an accompanying CD with source code. In any case, if you want to play with some SQL code listed […]

  • Moving data from Sql Server to MySQL

    To move data from Sql Server to MySQL, it is certainly possible to use tools that can make connections to both data stores and manipulate data that way, such as Access, Excel, or SSIS. Here I will introduce a process that does not need any special tools or data drivers. Instead, we can use the […]

  • Some notes on Sql Server and MySQL

    I will take MySQL certification exams, therefore I am going through MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide. It is a pretty cool book in that it goes to the point right away without many wasted words. Too many technical books dance around the topic, fill the volume with screen shots, but do not deliver the goods […]

  • Analyzing low performance SQL code

    As an independent consultant and trainer , I found myself doing a lot of existing code analysis and enhancement, mostly for stored procedures and ad-hoc SQL statements. I suspect a lot of people do the same thing as well, so I am really interested in learning how you do it. That’s the main purpose of […]

  • Migrating from one RDBMS to another

    Here is some of my thoughts on migrating MySQL to Sql Server. It came out of an email discussion. I’d love to hear your thoughts on migrating to a different database platform, not just MySQL to Sql Server. I actually thought about writing a white paper or even a course on migrating from MySQL to […]