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  • The freaky charade goes on

    Here is my recent take on China, Tibet, and the Olympics. I just read some news on, a popular overseas Chinese portal, and saw pictures below about the torch in Paris. Come on people, when you go down this low to fight for the Olympic torch with a disabled young lady sitting on a […]

  • China, Tibet, and the Olympics

    This could be a lengthy entry (It turned out to be one. Man, I’ve been working on it for hours, but I feel good afterwards, because I feel compelled to write about it and let it out of my chest.) In fact, I thought about writing this in both English and Chinese, but I don’t […]

  • Check out The Library Project

    So I’ve got a ton of things to do, somewhat depressed, and then one part of the brain took over and led me to Google Reader, once again. And I got this link via Chris Waugh, about the Library Project’s recent activities. This is so cool and uplifting. Another group that I feel I can […]

  • My best investment so far

    I’ve been using Jon’s excellent tools, ViEmu for Visual Studio, Outlook, Word, and Sql Server Management Studio for close to a year now. They make the default editor in those tools behaves like VI, with regular expression support. I bought the Enterprise Pack. Highly, highly recommended. Of course you need to know VI first. I […]

  • Drawing Swedish flag with Logo

    After our last experiment, we drew a Swedish flag with Logo. Major code improvement: 1. Introduction of variable for flag size; 2. Using the direction keyword instead of turnright and turnleft to make it less ambiguous to the code reader. Here is the final product: Here is the code for it. # Begin logo code […]