In Santa Clara for MySQL conference

It was a clear sky in LA, but looking down, the city seemed to be covered in smog. After working on Sql Server 2008 material in LAX airport for a while, I boarded a turbo-prop for San Jose. Landing time was windy, so it was a bit bumpy. The only flight attendant, Cindy K, joked that “United throw in a few rides free of charge”. She was helpful with my luggage, with an easy smile.

So I checked in Radisson Hotel around San Jose airport afterwards. I booked the hotel through HotWire. It was a sweet deal, around 60 dollars per night. HotWire is a great site, especially for hotels. I’ve used it three times, all pretty satisfied.

Google map is awesome. It even provided me with information on how to get to Santa Clara convention center via public transportation. So I walked to the Gish station, saw Mexican, Moroccan, Japanese, and Chinese restaurants along the way, and got to the Santa Clara convention center in a jiffy. This is the first time I stepped on the VTA, and I was impressed: it has bike racks. I also saw signs in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese, and people seemingly from all parts of the world. Now that is the America I love!

Oh, I am here for the MySQL conference. Unlike Sql Server conferences I attended in the past, I don’t know many people in this community, so my objectives are to talk to and learn from people, schmooze, and network, and score as many free food and drinks as I can. So don’t disappoint me, MySQL!

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  1. I haven’t rode VTA in a while, I thought there were five languages, the fifth being Korean?

    Have fun at the SQL conference. How long are you staying, and have you any intention to visit San Francisco? (We only do English, Spanish, and Chinese on Muni. 😉


  2. I didn’t see Korean signs in VTA. I couldn’t read Korean, but I know it when I see it.

    The conference ends Thursday, and I will leave 6:00am Friday morning. I have never been to San Francisco and would love to go, but probably not this time. In fact I started drafting you an email beforehand, but gave up because I didn’t think I would have enough time.

    I am writing materials for Sql Server 2008, and have spent a lot of time on the Olympics, reading and thinking about it.

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