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  • Staining deck: lessons learned

    I cleaned and stained my deck all by myself this summer. The sanding was done last summer, how is that for procrastination! I think I did all right, however there are still a lot of areas for improvements. Hence this note. I used Rymar Xtreme Weather Wood Sealer, 7630 Sienna. My deck needs 4 gallons. […]

  • Index compression script generation

    I wrote a script to generate script for non-clustered index page compression in SQL Server. I’ve since made improvements and here it is. Highlights: This script generates index compression script on a partition by partition basis, if the underlying index is partitioned; Like the previous version, it still works for non-partitioned indexes; Like the previous […]

  • PASS 2012 impressions

    This is my first PASS conference after a few years of absence. A few thoughts and impressions: 1. It was good catching up with a few friends. There are still a few old friends I missed, and a few that I really would have liked to talk longer. 2. Microsoft’s Hekaton announcement is interesting. A […]

  • Come and join the Oak Park IT Group

    Here is the URL for the impatient: The group is free to join. I like user groups. Over the years, I’ve been to SQL Server, MySQL, and Linux user group meetings, learned and shared with my colleagues. The quality of the meetings fluctuates and I like some sessions better than others. However, after a […]

  • Déjà vu

    As I was commenting on a friend’s blog, I reviewed Obama’s victory speech in 2008, and realized, at least to my mind, an ironic déjà vu. Not too long into His Majesty Bush The Second’s reign, right after 9/11, we had the world rally around us. Along with the tremendous good will came the potential […]