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  • Pointers on WordPress customization please

    I’ve had my blog for a couple of weeks by now. It was hosted by MidPhase. I used it because it had good reviews and a colleague recommended it. Based on my experience so far, I am not too happy with it. I will leave that for another post. Anyway, I am actually pretty happy […]

  • Boo!

    200510 097 Originally uploaded by haidong. Pumpkin carving by Benjamin

  • Pumpkin farm visit

    Yesterday we did our now traditional October farm visit. It was a gorgeous day. (Speaking of gorgeous, if you say something is drop-dead gorgeous, it will surely make my six-year old first grade son laugh. For some reason he thinks the phrase drop-dead gorgeous is funny. Mom says that he got that silliness from yours truly:). […]

  • Hello World

    Hi, This is my first blog post. So let me start by introducing myself. My name is Haidong Ji. I am a senior DBA in Chicago. I was a VB6/COM developer before my current position. I’ve been writing for SqlServerCentral for a couple of years now. I grew up in a rural village in ShanDong […]