Pumpkin farm visit

Yesterday we did our now traditional October farm visit. It was a gorgeous day. (Speaking of gorgeous, if you say something is drop-dead gorgeous, it will surely make my six-year old first grade son laugh. For some reason he thinks the phrase drop-dead gorgeous is funny. Mom says that he got that silliness from yours truly:).

Anyway, we had a good time there. There was not a single cloud in the sky. Temperature was comfortable. The leaves are changing colors. We did the corn maze and hay ride, visited a haunted house, played in the playground. I couldn’t help but thinking of how fortunate I am, being with my family and enjoying those things that we can afford.

Here are some pictures, if I can manage to upload them and get the links right.

Update: Not sure how to upload pictures yet. It’s getting late, I will retire in a few minutes. Will look around later to see if it is possible.