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  • Thoughts on Blog Writing

    Ken talks about his experiment on blog writting and posting. I liked the way he shared his experience, the thought process behind it, and how he drew his conclusions. And kudos to Louis’ comments, especially on the personal touch to blogs. It seems that some blogs are like oven-baked bread. The raw materials, in the […]

  • Some of my book writing experience

    Louis wrote his pain in book writing. I can feel his pain:) It reminded me of my experience during the writing of our SSIS book. Fellow co-authors Andy Leonard and Kathi Kellenberger also have some interesting blogs on their experience. Initially, I found 2 things very frustrating. They are all related to screen capturing: 1. […]

  • Chinese not displayed properly

    Due to my hosting company’s issue with MySql language character set, my Chinese entries will not be displayed properly. I am trying to fix it. My patience with the hosting company, MidPhase, is running low. My site has had many issues in less than one month’s existence.

  • Firefighter Association Calls

    At my house, I am usually the one that answers the telephone. A couple of weeks ago, we started getting calls around dinner time. The annoying thing was that right after I said “Hello”, I would not hear anything back, even after waiting for a while for a response. So I had to hang up […]

  • Sample Baseball Database for Learning, Testing, and Demo

    I came across this from a blog I follow. Dbt even provided a nifty script to figure out the most recent world series win, loss and appearance for every team in the league. I first heard about this database probably a year ago. Anyway, I thought this really is a great database for my baseball-loving […]