Author: Haidong Ji

  • Xi’s China is really progressive and impressive

    Below is a comment I made regarding Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Kaiser Kuo’s Facebook page, with very slight change. In my view, domestically, China under Xi is on the right path, unlike, say, Brazil, India, and the United States. I believe Xi’s a real believer of socialism and a real progressive. I believe his […]

  • Changing non-nullable column to nullable in SQL Server is quick and painless

    In T-SQL, you can only ALTER COLUMN one at a time. Initially I was worried about operational cost of this change, but it turned out this change is instantaneous. Mind you, I’m not suggesting you should do this without a good reason.

  • UMDC: Recommended

    I learned about Quincy Carroll’s debut novel, Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside, through Jocelyn Eikenburg’s wonderful blog. I really enjoyed it! Quincy Carroll’s levelheaded and nuanced depiction of the two main characters’ experience in China gave us a wonderful, honest perspective that was rarely offered in similar novels, memoirs, or news […]

  • No 32-bit for SQL Server 2016 Express

    I’ve learned that SQL Server 2016 Standard and Enterprise Editions no longer provide 32-bit. But I do wonder about SQL Server 2016 Express Edition. It’s different in that it’s free, and mostly geared toward lightweight usage, people who are learning, etc. So perhaps it still offers 32-bit? After some upgrade work to one SQL Server […]

  • Staining deck: lessons learned

    I cleaned and stained my deck all by myself this summer. The sanding was done last summer, how is that for procrastination! I think I did all right, however there are still a lot of areas for improvements. Hence this note. I used Rymar Xtreme Weather Wood Sealer, 7630 Sienna. My deck needs 4 gallons. […]