Author: Haidong Ji

  • Silent install / Command line install of SQL Server 2005 Part 2

    Today I started my second attempt of silent / command line installation of SQL Server 2005 September CTP. I guess I should have mentioned in Part 1 that that install was attempted on Win XP Pro, SP1. This time I worked on a clean machine with a fresh Windows 2003 Standard Edition. This machine has […]

  • Pumpkin farm visit

    Yesterday we did our now traditional October farm visit. It was a gorgeous day. (Speaking of gorgeous, if you say something is drop-dead gorgeous, it will surely make my six-year old first grade son laugh. For some reason he thinks the phrase drop-dead gorgeous is funny. Mom says that he got that silliness from yours truly:). […]

  • Silent install / Command line install of SQL Server 2005 Part 1

    If you’ve read my articles, you know that I am a big fan of automation. I got a big kick out of seeing somebody else (in this case, machines) doing the real work;) With that in mind, I set out to automate the installation process of SQL Server 2005 September CTP. SQL Server 2005 provides […]

  • Utility to remove Beta 2 and previous CTPs

    If you have previous Beta or CTP versions of SQL Server 2005 installed and you’d like to play with the September CTP, Microsoft provides an utility to cleanly remove the older version and .Net Framework. The utility is called sqlbuw.exe, located at CD-Rom\SQL Server x86\Tools\Setup Tools\Build Uninstall Wizard. It worked great for me on both […]

  • Hello World

    Hi, This is my first blog post. So let me start by introducing myself. My name is Haidong Ji. I am a senior DBA in Chicago. I was a VB6/COM developer before my current position. I’ve been writing for SqlServerCentral for a couple of years now. I grew up in a rural village in ShanDong […]