Author: Haidong Ji

  • SQLCMD will be fun

    SQLCMD is a command line utility for Sql Server 2005. Like osql and isql, it can be used interactively. It can also be used as a scripting tool to automate a lot of routine tasks. It is the later part that I find exciting and fun. (By the way, isql is not available in Sql […]

  • SQL Server Management Studio Reports — Potential Management and Permission Issues

    By now, you probably know that in SQL Server 2005, a new tool that replaces SQL Server Enterprise Manager and SQL Server Query Analyzer is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It has a lot of good stuff in it, one of them being the reports. SSMS reports provide a snapshot of your server status and […]

  • Silent install / Command line install of SQL Server 2005 Part 3

    I blogged about my 2 failed attempts of silent / command line install of SQL Server 2005 September CTP. So I filed a bug here on MSDN. I am impressed that Microsoft responded very quickly, saying this is not a bug. Thanks to whoever closed the bug. That was a real quick response:) I will […]

  • Vista, SQL Server 2005, AJAX, and Web 2.0

    Ken’s question made me think about Vista’s impact. Virtually all Microsoft’s products depend on the win32 API, so I wonder how much of change can Vista make? In other words, if Vista breaks win32 API calls, the cascading effects it has on other products like SQL Server, Exchange, BizTalk, Office, etc., would be tremendous. It […]

  • Mutt questions

    Originally posted at’s blog site: I am working on my own website, It is Apache on Linux, ran by a hosting company. I got access to SSH, MySql, and most of Linux utilities. I am planning to use WordPress and host a blog there too. That will be my primary blogging site, including my […]