Web hosting with DNSimple and Linode

After about 8 years of hosting this site with Midphase, I’ve migrated my hosting service to Linode. I am using Debian 7 as my operating system. The web server is Tengine, a fork of Nginx. (Update: I am currently using Apache.) I have root access, therefore total control of this Linode VM. And I am using DNSimple to manage my domain, which is also very nice.

Apart from having total control of the server, I found Linode’s documentation to be pretty clear and easy to follow. I am currently on the Linode 1GB plan, which works very well so far for this WordPress site. It also hosts another site, JiMetrics.com. JiMetrics hosts an open source project to gather and analyze system metrics data, initially focusing on Windows server and SQL Server administration. I recommend Linode highly. If you do want to use Linode service, I’d appreciate it if you could use my referral code so I could get some credit, 26cf3677a198d39b0728077d04c74651b0ee93c6

Most of web hosting companies bundle domain name service along with hosting service. Depending on your situation and technical knowledge, this may or may not be a good thing. I prefer separating those two nowadays, which gives me more flexibility and better control, especially when it comes down to moving hosting service somewhere else, due to lack of support and/or deteriorating performance. So for DNS, I’ve decided to use DNSimple. It has a pretty good interface and documentation. With the fixed IP address I get from Linode, I just filled out the appropriate information in my DNSimple accout for domain name resolution. I am pretty happy with it so far. Once again, if you do decide to use DNSimple, I’d appreciate it if you use my referral link so I can get some credit.

Keep up the good work, Linode and DNSimple. Don’t disappoint me and the good folks I send your way.

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