Going to Santa Clara for MySQL Camp and Percona conference

Once again this year, I will make a trip to Silicon Valley for MySQL related activities. I will arrive on April 19th and fly back on the 24th. Both the MySQL Camp and Percona conference have some impressive lineup of sessions. I will also be at the Drizzle Developer Day. Once again, like the previous year, my main objective is to learn, learn, and learn. Meeting people and networking are other objectives.

I am not too sure how many people actually follow my blog. Google feedburner says around 75 subscribers, but I think my blog is also consolidated by at least two feeds aggregrators, and I have no idea how many people they reach. Anyway, if you happen to read my humble blog and also attend the conference, I’d love to meet you.

PS. Just a few days ago, I happened to open my site in Internet Explorer, and realized the layout is all messed up, in that the right-hand menu is at the bottom of the page. It does display properly in Firefox. Any ideas on how to fix that for IE, dear reader? I don’t use IE unless I have to, hence the late discovery of this issue. 这下子臭大了, 汗.

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  1. 我用firefox也好几年了。前一阵子试过Chrome,觉得Chrome的火候还是差了点。

  2. I am using native RSS tool of Opera to subsribe your blog.
    looks pretty good.

    If firefox and opera work, I won’t use IE too.

  3. Hi sync,

    I’ve fixed the display problem in IE. Cheers.

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