All books were sent out

I decided to gave away the extra copies of my book. In the US, I sent 2 copies to Ohio, one each to Florida and Texas. Overseas, I sent 2 copies to India, and one copy to Australia. I had tea/coffee with a reader in the Chicago area and hand-delivered a copy to her. In February, I send a copy to a friend in Alaska. Now I have no extra copies left.

I probably should make a copy of the front cover and the acknowledgement page, and send them to my parents in China. They cannot read English, know nothing about computers, but probably will feel good about it. I thanked my parents for their perseverance, hard work, and giving me education under very difficult circumstances in the book. I love my parents, but I find it difficult to express my feelings to them. I am trying, though.

Hopefully most of the people who requested a copy have gotten it already or will get it soon. And I hope it will be helpful to you.

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  1. If you haven’t already, add me to the list of voices encouraging you to send off a copy of the cover and acknowledgements to your parents, along with a translation of the acknowledgement. When I wrote my eBook, I had an acknowledgement to a couple of my English teachers from The Citadel who encouraged me to write, even though I was a technical major. I know they were very appreciative of seeing the acknowledgement, even if they didn’t understand the material. Add to the fact that such an accomplishment as writing a book brings honor to the family…

  2. Yup. I will do that. I’ve got to print some recent family photos to send along.

    You have interesting experience at The Citadel Brian. I enjoy reading your blogs.

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