Offering thanks in January

I have asked for MSDN subscriptions here. Don Kiely, Sql Server MVP and all-around nice guy, has generously given me a free MSDN subscription. Don’s blog is one of my favorite. And he recently produced a training video here. I’ve seen Don presenting at last year’s PASS conference in Texas. He is a great speaker. Thanks a lot Don for your generosity!

I promised Don that I would sing his praise before sun rise daily. I actually also need to sing praises for Steve, Andy, and Brian, the guys who build and maintain You guys rock! has built such a wonderful community for Sql Server professionals. It is on this wonderful community portal that I started my technical writing. And I appreciate it very much for your kindness, generosity, and help over the years.

Also, thanks to Brian for introducing me to book writing. Our book, Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services will be available by the end of January. However, you can pre-order it on Amazon now:-)

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  1. Echoing some thanks

    In his excellent blog, my friend and co-author Haidong Ji thanks Andy, Brian, and Steve for….

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