MSDN, Technet, or other technical subscriptions to give away?

I learned that Microsoft is giving away some MSDN subscriptions to MVPs for them to share with people in the community. If you are an MVP or Microsoft and reading this, I wonder if I can get a subscription for free:-)

I got one year subscription of TechNet through a drawing last January, and it helped me so much in learning and evaluating products. Plus, I do blog and share what I learn with the community, so your generosity will not go wasted.

While I am at it, I’d also appreciate it if I can get VMWare Workstation, RedHat, Novell Suse, Mandrake, MySql, Oracle, Intel, AMD, IBM DeveloperWorks, and/or Borland developer/Admin subscriptions. I am greedy, I know, but listing them here does not mean I will get any.


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  1. […] I have asked for MSDN subscriptions here. Don Kiely, Sql Server MVP and all-around nice guy, has generously given me a free MSDN subscription. Don’s blog is one of my favorite. And he recently produced a training video here. I’ve seen Don presenting at last year’s PASS conference in Texas. He is a great speaker. Thanks so much Don for your generosity! […]

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