Played with Google Chrome

Google Chrome Beta is available for download today. I played with it. I am not impressed at the moment and will not convert from Firefox. I may give it another whirl in a few months.

The strength of Firefox, in my view, is its many available extensions, which practically spoil and pamper me to the point that I do not feel comfortable in other browsers like IE, Safari, Opera, etc.. For example, I have Ad Block Plus. As a result, I hardly see any flashy, scrolling, popping advertisements on any sites, which is almost like a different reality as opposed to IE, Google Chrome, and Safari’s rendering. (Yes, I am aware that it is possible to block those ads in other browsers.)

Another extension that I won’t give up is Vimperator, which uses VI commands for browsing. Closing a tab is a simple press of the letter d. Searching and opening URL can be done with O, o, T, t commands and tab completion, so Google Chrome’s OmniBox didn’t impress me. I even have a little suspicion that Vimperator inspired the OmniBox idea.

This is not to say that Firefox is perfect, mind you. It still crashes once in a while for me, especially when attempting to connect to intranet sites while not on corporate network. But given all its advantages, I feel I can live with it.

It looks Google Chrome has API for extensions and customizations. So Chrome, give me some nice plug-ins, or at least some samples like Ad Block Plus and Vimperator. Then we can talk.


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  1. Funny, I saw a similar review of Chrome earlier this afternoon. The reviewer had pretty much the same attitude as you, but for different reasons. Apparently Chrome only managed to fulfill 1 of his 3 key requirements for a browser. Think I’ll wait until Chrome starts getting a few positive reviews before I try it, although this does add further weight to my suspicion that Google is the new Microsoft.

  2. I think Google is a little too powerful also.

    It’s a little strange. For whatever reason, your comment was marked for moderation this time. Let me know if you have trouble commenting, mate.

  3. Probably because I’m on a Chinese university network. You know all the electronic nastiness that festers on such networks waiting for a chance to spread itself. I don’t mind getting held up for moderation, it’s an unavoidable part of surfing via this network.

  4. Google Chrome seems promising runs pretty fast on my windows-box, maybe because its of its concept or also because its not as bloated with plugins yet(ultimately its a persons choice what he puts adds on like on FireFox) Though theres a few things missing in it for me, to even think of making a switch well the 2 most important would be a port of Google chrome for GNU/Linux, of all the OS’es not to have a a beta of this browser why does it have to be Linux!!! :_( Also the lack of Vimperator functionality/plugin, actually its the very reason why I cant even trade of FF 3.0 for other more stable browsers IMHO like seamonkey cuz of the lack of or not able to use the vimperator plugin of FF.

  5. Yup, I hear you regarding plugin bloat, and vimperator really rocks!

  6. Firefox is slower than Chrome, i realize, but there’s some tab features i can’t do without that only FireFox has

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