Internet connection problem when Symantec anti-virus software is not running

I noticed there were a lot of bloated Symantec anti-virus junk installed on a workstation I work with. So I disabled most of them in Windows services.

The next day I came back, I couldn’t connect to the web with my Firefox anymore, but could connect via Internet Explorer. In addition, connecting to remote Sql Server database servers was not successful either.

The thing wasted me at least one hour, and disrupted me from getting into the flow of things much of the day. Finally I figured out that Symantec AntiVirus service needs to be started, and all was happy.

In other news, things are really busy for us. My better half will finish her Ph.D in Life Science (microbiology) in a few weeks, and is looking for a job. If you have any leads, I’d appreciate it if you could pass that along to me.


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