State of my business and dumplings

So far, my fledging consulting/training business is running well, dear reader. I did a lot of travel in the last month or so: San Jose, CA, Rockville, MD, and San Antonio, TX, respectively. Travel will be part of my work, so I need to manage it well. I really appreciate the support from my better half. As far as I am concerned, she simply is THE best woman in the world.

When I was a white collar salary man, as far back as one month ago, I felt like I was a little hamster in a big spinning wheel: the faster you move, the faster it spins, and there is no ending in sight. As an independent for more than a month, once again, I was very busy: it is a bit like the game of whack-a-mole. As soon as one thing is done (or half-done), the other pops up. But overall, it is quite different from working in corporate world: I feel more real, and I became more aware of my state of mind and my surroundings.

This is my limited impression of course, since I just got started. It is hard to say which way is better, and different people have different needs and perspectives. If things do not work out, I fully expect myself going back to re-join the corporate rat race.

I meant to write something about my Chinese New Year, but never got the time to do it. Instead, I will share some pictures of the dumplings I made. This was the first time I made them on my own. They were quite good, if I do say so myself. I think my son enjoyed it. For whatever reason, there is a special satisfaction when your child tells you that s/he likes the food you enjoyed when you were little. I have to remember not to add too much soy sauce next time. The filling was a bit too salty, fairly typical of my cooking.

Wrapping and filling

2007 Chinese New Year dumplings

Before they were boiled. The ones I made were ugly, the ones mommy made looked nice 🙂

2007 Chinese New Year dumplings

Finished product with raw garlic sauce. Yay!

2007 Chinese New Year dumplings

I made some meatballs with the leftover filling

2007 Chinese New Year dumplings

Finally, my son enjoys the food daddy made!

2007 Chinese New Year dumplings

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6 responses to “State of my business and dumplings”

  1. I typically deep fry them. Picked this up from my mom… that’s how my family does it. I’ve pan-friend them as well, but to me it’s not as good. One of the things I do to control the salt content is I cook the stuffing before putting it in the dumpling wrapper and season that as I go.

  2. That’s very interesting. I’ve never done pre-cooked stuffing. I bet the veggie ones I bought from the store, that stuffing must have been pre-cooked.

  3. Pre-cooking the stuffing makes it a slight bit more difficult to deal with the ground beef/pork, because it’s already in little bits, but using a regular spoon gives a good amount to put in the dumpling wrapper. Speaking of which, I also went to a dumpling press because usually when I’m making these, I’m making a lot… the dumpling press saves a whole bunch of time and it ensures the wrapper gets crimped enough to stay together for cooking.

  4. I didn’t know there is such a thing as dumpling press. Can you get it from a store?

  5. My mother-in-law spent a day making dumplings and now we have a freezer full. It’s nice to be able to anticipate a snack of 酸辣湯餃 every few days.

  6. Nice. A labor of love, and I am sure the sour and spicy bite will be very satisfying!

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