Category re-org

I re-organized my post categories a bit, so readers can pick and choose what you want more easily. Some people don’t care about technology, while others only like the technology part of this blog. This will make it easier for people to read things they want to read.

Here are some examples on how to subscribe. You should be able to figure out the rest based on these examples.

If you want the whole thing, point your RSS/ATOM reader to: or, just like before.

If you just want posts under EastWest category, point your RSS/ATOM reader to: or

If you just want posts under SqlServer subcategory, which is under Technology category, point your RSS/ATOM reader to: or

In addition, I created a new subcategory under Technology called DatabaseInteroperability, which talks about database interoperability issues. I am very interested in this area, and am currently focusing on Sql Server, MySql, and Oracle. I’d be happy to hear topic suggestions from my readers.

2 responses to “Category re-org”

  1. Heh. At some point I may try to have different STYLE on my categories, to give the impression of different blogs, and sorta promote them that way with a nav bar at the top.

    For now, though . . . .


  2. Good call Danny. I think that is a great idea!

    Let me know when you get that sorted out. I remember stealing your idea quite liberally by browsing your site when I first started this blog 🙂

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