Refresh lost wireless Internet connection

I have WEP wireless connection at home. Sometimes, after waking up my computer from its hibernation state because of inactivity, I would lose internet connection. The wireless bar in system trey would still show excellent connetion, though.

Here is how I solve this problem:

1. Go to command prompt;
2. Run this command: ipconfig /renew


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  1. That forces it to talk to the AP and get a new IP address, which I’ve had to do sometimes at hotels, etc. However, for whatever reason at my house that tends not to work. I end up having to disable and re-enable the NIC. Luckily, I can click on the icon in the tray and select to Repair the connection. It does all this for me and clears the DNS and NetBIOS caches to boot.

  2. Thanks Brian. I have never noticed the Repair option. I will try it next time when I need it.

    I just did ipconfig /renew, and the initial results was below. I had to run it the second time before it worked.

    Windows IP Configuration

    An error occurred while renewing interface Wireless Network Connection : An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.

    No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection while it has its media disconnected.

  3. i’ll try jhd’s trick. i lose connection every hibernation. repair does not work. removing the wireless card and sticking it back in sometimes works, seems more often now i switched away from norton. also run zonealarm free version if that matters. 5-6 yr old toshiba satellite.

  4. Can you tell me how to refresh network connection through commnd line in vista….

    problem i am facing is, when power goes down of AP and came back…my laptop/Adaptor (Wireless) not able to reconnect automatically….it shows wireless connections are available, the same i am pointing….i have already check the setting of that connection…and its autoconnect feature is checked…

    please provide me the command line script that way i can schedule it every hour..

  5. indivar,

    The command is listed in the post itself. Try it and see what happens.

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