Busy, 200609

Let’s see: kid’s school, family stuff, work, volunteering, planning, adding them all up, it can be fun but very busy. So much so that I have neglected my blog for a while. You do take second place, dear reader 🙂 My better half would disagree, though…

Anyway, here are a few pictures.

My son took this picture of me close to Lake Shore Drive on Chicago Avenue, Chicago

Benjamin's shot of Daddy

Little rapper:

Benjamin the rapper

China and Hamburg in Chicago, sign at a bus stop close to Northwestern’s Chicago campus:

Bus stop shelter

Modern art, in front of Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. To me, this is pure garbage. Am I the person who dares to say the emperor has no clothes on? Or am I not sophisticated enough to appreciate its beauty? Or somewhere in the middle?

Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art

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5 responses to “Busy, 200609”

  1. I have never been inside. Judging from your comment, maybe I do not need to…

    I kinda like MCA store though, it has some interesting stuff.

  2. Good to see your pic again, Alex.

    When was the last time to your pic? oh, yeah, that’s from the cover of that famous red SQL Server 2005 book from Wrox.

    Wrox rocks! Hey Alex rocks too;-)

  3. BTW, as you knew I am working on Cognos stuff for over 6 years but now I like SQL Server 2005 BI stuff so much so that I really enjoy it and not a single day passed without a bit of touching on it!

    Thanks again for the great book and looking forward to reading your next one; hehehe…

  4. Thanks Fayu.

    The next one will be on general Sql Server 2005 admin. I think it will sell better than the book on Integration Services, because the audience is bigger.

    I actually don’t know that you work on Cognos stuff. Hehe, we are in the same field.

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