View and kill processes in Linux and Solaris

On *nix system, the ps command is kind of like Windows task manager. It provides running processes information. Once you find the process ID, you can kill it using kill command.

On Linux machines, you can type

ps ux

to list all your own running processes. The second column, PID, is Process Identifier. By looking at the rightmost column, you can find the PID’s corresponding program. You can use the following command to kill a process:

kill -9 PIDHere

On Solaris, ps works a little differently. To find out your own running processes, type:

ps -au MyLoginName

The first column in the resultset is PID. The last column is the program name. Use the kill command above if you need to kill one of your processes.

This is more of note to myself as I am doing more work on Linux and Solaris environment. Hope you find it helpful. Let’s just say I have a long, long way to go before I reach Dannyman’s level.

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