Stop junk mail, save the environment

Credit card companies are sending junk credit card application offerings now to my first grader. Just unbelievable.

I used this site,, a few years ago to stop unwanted mail for myself. It did get rid of a lot of my junk mails, although not all of them. Overall, it made a big difference and I am pretty happy. I just opt out my son via that site. It is very simple to do.

The DoNotCall list also made a difference for us. Here is the url to register.

This site lists other ways to simplify your life. Except the two things mentioned above, I didn’t use any other methods listed there. What are your experience and suggestions?

2 responses to “Stop junk mail, save the environment”

  1. Eventually they’ll just make everyone submit applications via the Internet. Until then, you can always shred the mailings you receive, stuff them in the pre-paid return envelope, and take a teeny bit of satisfaction that instead of selling you stuff you don’t want, they’re subsidizing the Post Office.

    Of course, mailing the stuff back will throw carbon into the atmosphere . . .

  2. That’s cool, and pretty wicked, Danny. 🙂

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