Danny on marriage, divorce, and overcoming suffering

Danny Howard related experience of his recent divorce here.

Before that, he shared his notes on avoiding divorce here.

Yesterday, he wrote about his ways of overcoming suffering.

I also remember some time back Danny blogged about marriage advice from his uncle. So I did a string search and found it.

Man, these are powerful stuff. I learned a lot from them.

Danny, I cannot exactly say I know what you feel but surely it is agonizing and painful, and I admire your way of handling it. You came out of this a stronger and better human being. I enjoy and admire your writing and the clarity of your thinking.

No matter what kind of circumstance you find yourself in, make the best out of it. It starts with having the right attitude and doing those little things. I shall do the same.

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  1. Haidong,

    Thanks. I enjoy your blog too, and I hope that your ride through life continues to go well. You have come far in your own journey, which is something I enjoy reading about.


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