Spring Break 2006

It’s Spring Break for my first-grader. He is having this week off. So tomorrow I will bring him to Dallas, Texas to see my brother’s family and my nieces. We will stay there for a few days and fly back to Chicago on Saturday.

The season change is subtle and gradual, with even a few setbacks along the way. Here is a picture of a snowy day when we visited Brookfield Zoo. The snow melted away soon afterwards.

Snow on the way out of Brookfield Zoo

Days are definitely longer now. When it is sunny, it feels really nice to be outside. My son and I have been out and playing in the last few weekends. Here are a few pictures of him playing in Scoville Park:

Seesaw at Scoville Park

Swinging at Scoville Park

Yesterday we went to Shedd Aquarium. We took the train to downtown first, and then took No. 14 bus to the museum campus. I take trains like this to work every weekday. We sat on the upper-level, my son’s favorite level:

Metra train to Chicago

This is a shot of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier from the museum campus.

View of the lake and Navy Pier from the Museum Campus

We saw an Australian lungfish at the aquarium, see picture below, who came to the aquarium in 1933. So it is at least 73 years old and was appropriately named Granddad. I never thought it could live that long. That is pretty amazing.

Australian lungfish at Shedd

Visiting the aquarium is always a great experience. It is so nice to see different and interesting animals from all over the world, and appreciate the diversity nature provides. Here are a few more pictures.

Knifefish from the Nile
Knifefish from the Nile at Shedd

Paddlefish at Shedd


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