Creative ways for ego boost

The book I co-wrote on Sql Server Integration Service (formerly know as DTS) has been selling pretty well at Amazon. I received 10 copies from the publisher a few weeks ago. I must confess that I felt pretty good seeing my own picture on the book cover. It should reach bookstores soon. However, don’t use that as an excuse for not ordering it at Amazon or other online bookstores 🙂

This is the first book I wrote that is available at a brick and mortar bookstore. My articles have appeared on three volumes of Best of book, but those are only available at All 3 are real books, in the sense that they all have ISBN numbers and catalogued by Library of Congress. But this one is “available whereever books are sold” (For my readers living outside the US, that is a typical US promotional phrase. I use it here for humor.)

When I wrote my chapter, I chatted frequently with fellow co-author Andy Leonard. Thanks Andy for the comradeship. Andy joked then that when the book comes out, he would go to the bookstore and wonder around where it is shelved and see if anybody recognizes him. I thought that was pretty funny. I told it to my better half, she suggested I should do the same, except that I should bring a friend along. The friend can play the role of bystander-turned-admirer, if nobody recognizes me 🙁

Fellow co-author Jason Gerard suggested that when the book reaches his neighborhood bookstores, he would go there frequently and make sure it is displayed in a prominent position.

The other day I brought a copy of it to work, Maria commented: “You probably should cut off your picture on the cover. You should remain anonymous in case you are harassed by fans on the street in the future!”

Got to love it!


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