What do I want in a house

We currently live in a 2-bedroom condo. As Benjamin is getting older, we are thinking of buying our first house. The person who is really in charge in my household has ordered me to think about what I want in a house, instead of speading too much quality time with my computer. So I am making a list here and intend to modify it as time goes by. Please share your experience or suggestions for first-time house buyers like me by commenting.

* Probably 3 bedrooms;
* Possibly a study that can function as an office;
* A yard that Benjamin can run around;
* Place that has a basketball hoop;
* A basement that can function as an exercise room. It would be nice to be able to put ping pong table;
* 2-car garage;

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  1. hi,

    How are you? Haven’t got a chance to read all the updates on ur site. Glad to know you are going to buy a house. Congrats!

    Two things are important to me on your lists:

    1. Be sure to get a house that has at least three bedrooms.
    2. It would be very nice to have a basement, and would be nicer to have a full finished one. Your will get more and more stuff once you have a house and they will keep grow till they occupy all ur free space.

    Happy 2006!


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