Santa only comes when you are asleep now

I have been Santa Clause ever since Benjamin was born. We spent his first 3 Christmas in Sweden, so I was Tomten, the Swedish version of Santa.

During Benjamin’s 3rd and 4th Christmas, he commented that Tomten / Santa wears the same shoes as Daddy’s and he sounded like Daddy. We were alarmed:-) So on Christmas 2004, I put on my Tomten / Santa dress and Mommy took a picture of me holding toys at night on the 23rd when he was asleep. Santa didn’t do the ho-ho-ho or talk to the child thing.

Before this past Christmas in 2005, Benjamin told me that he thinks Santa is Daddy. He went on to reason that every time Santa visited him, I was not present. Now we really knew that the live show of Tomten on the 24th cannot go on anymore. So again, Mommy took a picture of me dressed as Santa at night. We will have to do that from now on for this make-believe fantasy to last a little longer. I think Benjamin is just playing along. Deep down, he probably knows the truth:-)

Thanks Rune for sending Viktor Rydberg’s Tomten poem on CD. It was a great present From-Tomten-To-Tomten indeed.

By the way, we are opening Christmas presents on the 24th, the Swedish way according to Maria. Americans seem to trade presents on the 25th.

Tomten 2004
20041228 033

Tomten 2005
200512 002

Benjamin at Flat Top Grill
Flat Top Grill Oak Park

Daddy flashes his million-dollar smile. Sorry ladies, I am taken:(
Flat Top Grill Oak Park

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