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  • Changing non-nullable column to nullable in SQL Server is quick and painless

    In T-SQL, you can only ALTER COLUMN one at a time. Initially I was worried about operational cost of this change, but it turned out this change is instantaneous. Mind you, I’m not suggesting you should do this without a good reason.

  • No 32-bit for SQL Server 2016 Express

    I’ve learned that SQL Server 2016 Standard and Enterprise Editions no longer provide 32-bit. But I do wonder about SQL Server 2016 Express Edition. It’s different in that it’s free, and mostly geared toward lightweight usage, people who are learning, etc. So perhaps it still offers 32-bit? After some upgrade work to one SQL Server […]

  • Adding attachment to Outlook 2016 email

    A couple of months ago Outlook 2016 on my old PC (Windows 10) started misbehaving: Clicking “Attach File” to add an attachment from my PC to an email message; A window would show up. When it worked, I would be able to move the mouse down and click “Browse This PC…”. However, nowadays this window […]

  • SQL Server best practice: grant permissions to per-service SID

    Since Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista, from SQL Server 2008 onward, SQL Server installation process automatically generates per-service security identifier (SID). Whenever possible, it is recommended to grant rights to this service SID for security reasons, instead of your SQL Server’s startup account, which typically is domain user account. For example, for performance reasons, I always […]

  • Accessing modem status information with Netgear router

    If, like me, you bought your own cable modem and Netgear wireless router for Comcast service, the way to access your modem’s status information is different. When using the equipment provided by Comcast, in my case the Technicolor TC8305C, which is a combo of modem, router, and voice, I can easily see modem information while […]