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  • Barcelona, day 1

    I made it to Barcelona all right. And I loved what I’ve seen so far. My trip was almost derailed at the last minute, because the visa duration was invalid! The Spanish Consulate gave me entry from 20-01-06 to 29-01-06 on 31-01-06, the day they issued me the visa. By then it had already expired. […]

  • Tooth fairy paid 2 visits

    My first-grader lost 2 teeth! For the first one, tooth fairy gave him 5 dollars. The second is 4 dollars cheaper than the first. So far, it is FIFO (First in, first out), meaning that he lost the 2 that came out first. They are all lower jaw teeth. He was born in June, 1999. […]

  • Christmas tree is out on 01/18/2006

    Tonight I tossed away the Christmas tree. To me, that concluded the Christmas / New Year holiday season. Chinese New Year comes next. On Jan. 29, 2006, it will be the year of the dog. Some pictures to share with you, my dear reader. I posted more here in an earlier post: 1. Christmas tree. […]

  • Santa only comes when you are asleep now

    I have been Santa Clause ever since Benjamin was born. We spent his first 3 Christmas in Sweden, so I was Tomten, the Swedish version of Santa. During Benjamin’s 3rd and 4th Christmas, he commented that Tomten / Santa wears the same shoes as Daddy’s and he sounded like Daddy. We were alarmed:-) So on […]

  • Xiamen Pictures

    Xiamen Botanic Garden Originally uploaded by haidong. Last year I went back to my college town, Xiamen, China, for our 10 year graduation reunion. I had my undergraduate education there from 1990 to 1994. Xiamen is absolutely beautiful. I hope you like the pictures. More pictures of Xiamen can be found here.