Persuasive Composition

By my sonson
Legislators, you have come here to hear the cons of Saturday school. I come before you today with compelling evidence that Saturday school is a bad thing from the start. First, finance will decrease all over America. Second, companies will fail. And third, the average kid will get over stressed. Eventually, with Saturday school all America will fall.

My first reason is in regard to finance. More electricity will be used to power schools due to extra time spent in school. To pay a teacher for a year will cost a lot more money than now from all the extra work they will do. Even families will have to pay more due to an increase in taxes to pay the school. This will lead to a drop in the economy. The consequence would be America going bankrupt from all the money needed to pay for schools. I suggest that if kids need extra help a tutor can be used instead and would be cheaper than Saturday school.

My second reason is that companies will fail. Families won’t have enough time to buy things because their time is wasted in school. Kids won’t have time to play with toys so they won’t buy them because their time is wasted in school. Eventually, companies will close down with no profit money. With no companies there are no jobs to supply civilians with money. Within months the economy will fall. Then people will emigrate to a different country to avoid the bad economy.

My third reason is about health. Kids will get extremely stressed from all the homework and school time. Then kids will get sick and depressed from too much school. Then from stress people won’t be happy and become bullies. With so many bullies the schools will go crazy. And when bullies grow up they will do horrible things to America.

America is lucky as it stands right now. With Saturday school America will fall. Bills will increase, companies will fail, and people will become stressed. This is not the America we know. This is a free country but with Saturday school it is not.

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