OmniFocus sync to iPhone through WebDav on MyDisk

I have been going back and forth in search of better ways to manage my life. Time seems to be in short supply, especially for mid-aged adults with child(ren) at home in a modern society. It is sad, in a way, that we are so goal-oriented, and there are certainly way too much noise and temptation surrounding us all. Oh heck, it is 10:30pm again, and I want to lie in bed and read for a while before I fall asleep, so let’s cut to the chase and show you what I want to share. My friends, here is the 猛料 you’ve been waiting for:

1. OmniFocus looks like a very promising productivity and life management software;
2. It’s companion iPhone application is also nice;
3. Syncing between the two seems a bit troublesome, if you don’t have MobileMe($$$) or Bonjour($$$). I’ve read people’s complaints against MobileMe. And my hosting provider does not support WebDAV on my domain. So I started searching for a free WebDAV service.

Three services caught my attention:


I read through various comments about all of them. Here is my recommendation: go with The reasons are:
1. Sharemation is only good for 5 MB, a bit small;
2. Swissdisk had a disk failure sometimes in October;

If you decide to check out, you won’t find the 2 GB free info on its site. Only after you sign up, it will show you that there is 2 GB free WebDAV storage for you.


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  1. 你好,Goodkid。

    那些文章写了有一段时间了,多谢你的翻译。我是个半路出家的IT世界假行僧,到处招摇撞骗,混口饭吃。日积月累,在小站季庄新闻上胡乱写了若干Perl、MySQL、SQL Server、Linux、Windows、Web等英文原创小文及脚本。你若感兴趣,也可翻译那些文章,只需注明出处即可。

    刚刚访问了你的网站,看了些数据库、Linux、C程序,挺有意思的。希望能看到更多的你自己的学习心得体会。嗯,让我们一起加油 🙂

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