Installing Windows 7 on Samsung N120 Netbook

Installing software on a netbook is tricky, as there is no CD/DVD-ROM drive on it. One could buy a usb-attached CD/DVD-ROM for it. It is also possible to do it with usb thumb drive and usb disk drive. I have Western Digital’s usb disk drive, and that was what I used to install Windows 7 on a Samsung N120 netbook. From what I can tell, it really does not make a difference which type of usb devices you use. I tried to use a SD card, as I have an adapter that can connect the SD card to the computer through a usb port, but that didn’t work, since the it is not recognized as a disk drive.

Initially I tried to properly format the usb disk drive with diskpart utility, but that didn’t work because the diskpart in Windows XP does not have the format command, unlike that of Vista and Windows 7. I tried that anyway, but got messages like “NTLDR Is Missing” or “Operating System Not Present” when trying to boot.

Finally I followed instructions here. It went farther than before, but I constantly got the acpi.sys blue screen of death error.

The way to get around that is to disable Processor Power Management in the BIOS. After that, installation proceeded without errors, but it took a long time. I don’t know how long, because after babysitting it for a while, I went to bed and came back to it the next morning.

Based on my limited experience, Windows 7 RC on this netbook is a disappointment. I installed Enterprise Edition, but it was very unstable: wireless connection was flaky, even a simple task of switching windows would take a long time, etc.. For now, I am using factory default, sans anti-virus software, Windows XP Home Edition, and it has been pretty snappy so far. Granted, Windows 7 is beta software, so hopefully the final release will work better, with proper drivers and such.


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  1. You installed enterprise on a netbook? lol
    Enterprise really would run well on a netbook, windows 7 basic is for netbook although homepreium would most likely run fine but you may need to turn off aero whilst on youtube and such that needs higher CPU power making it basic anyway… but at least you get it some of the time?

  2. Thanks Jacko.

    Yeah, I did the Enterprise Version. You have a great point, it might be too heavy for this netbook. When I have time, I’ve got to redo it with Windows 7 Basic or something like that.

  3. Hey, I have a samsung n120 and I’m running windows 7 home premium. It doesn’t boot up as fast maybe an extra 4 seconds but I generally put it only in sleep mode anyway so its almost instantaneous wake up. The aero works fine, haven’t to turn it off once and i watch plenty of videos. although it is laggy watching HD but it was on xp too if anything that’s better but still not really watchable.
    I would reccomend windows 7 for the samsung n120 it’s faster and much more user friendly (love the task bar) although it does come at a price.. I would recommend this only if you upgraded to 2gigs ram and also if battery life isnt amazingly important. I still get 6 hours just web surfing but i used to get 7 one xp. I’m working on installing some battery utilities to see if i can get it back up..
    good luck oh and yea i wouldn’t get ultimate…. just home premium.

  4. Thanks Daniel. It will be helpful when I rebuild my netbook. Cheers!

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